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International Trangia Fuel Names

Depending where you are in the world, trangia fuel comes under various names and disguises. The table below tries to be a comprehensive list of international trangia fuel names created from several sources. If you find any faulty information or mistakes on this list as well as any information on any missing countries and the common fuel name used in the trangia spirit burner, send an email and I will promptly update the list.

Country Name Availability Characteristics
Argentina Alcohol
Alcohol puro
Alcohol de quemaralcohol des naturalizado
alcohol de quemar/alcohol metílico
Australia Methylated Spirit
Austria Spirit 1) Pharmacies
2) Sometimes supermarkets
Belgium Alcool a bruler
brand alcohol
Bolivia Alcohol puro
Bulgaria spirt
1) Found in only some small general stores Blue
Canada Liquid Fondue Fuel
1) Found general hardware stores
2) Found cookware shops as fondue fuel
Chile alcohol de quemar
China methylated spirits in chinese

酒 精

1) Found in 1:5 pharmacies. (With Red crosses)
2) Found in 1:10 general grocery stores.
Czech Republic Spirt
technický líh
Denmark Ethanol (100%)
Husholdnings sprit (93%)
Finland denaturoitu sprii
France alcool â brûleur 1) Most large supermarkets Clear
Germany Brenn-Spiritus 1) supermarket Blue
Greece ino - pneuma
vytistijo Oimopmeula
1) All small and large general stores Blue in half litre bottles
Hong Kong 酒 精
Hungary spiritusz
denaturált szesz
Iceland vinandi/spiri
Ireland methylated spirits
Italy Alcool Etilico Denaturato 1) All pharmacies but make sure it is not the pure expensive version
2)Some smaller supermarkets
Japan Alcohol
Kenya Methylated spirit 1) Supermarkets
2) Pharmacies
Purple, burns slowly
Laos Alcool 1) supplier type pharmacy 90% clear
Libya 1) Pharmacies
Malaysia Methylated spirit 1) Found in 2:3 pharmacies
Netherland methanol alcohol/spiritus
New Zealand methylated spirit
Norway A)Rød sprit
B)Fin Fyr
A)petrol station shops and outdoor/sports shops plus shops like Europris and Biltema (cheapest)
B)G-Sport, Perry Sport and Intersport
Rød sprit sooty fuel but burns hot and works well in a Trangia, Fin Fyr is the better fuel as clean as UK meths
Oman Surgical Spirit 1) Pharmacies 95% with camphor
Romania Alcool Sanitar
1) Found in pretty much all general stores Blue - tends to be 70-75%
Romania Alcool Tehnic 1) In petrol stations Purple - 90%
Rwanda Methylated spirit 1) Supermarkets
2) Pharmacies
Purple, burns slowly
Spain Alcohol de Quemar 1) Hardware Stores (ferreteria)
Sweden tenol
Switzerland Brennsprit
Tanzania Methylated spirit 1) Supermarkets
2) Pharmacies
Purple, burns slowly
Thailand Isopropanol 1) Pharmacies have 0.5l bottles
Turkey yspirto 1) Rarely found in foodshops and supermarkets Pink
UAE 1) choitram supermakets 70% very slow to cook with
UK Methylated Spirit 1) Hardware Stores
2) Camp/Outdoor Stores
3) Pharmacies
Ukraine/Russia СПИРТ 1) Only rarely found in a pharmacy
Uganda Methylated spirit 1) Supermarkets
2) Pharmacies
Purple, burns slowly
United States burning alcohol
Heet de-icer
1) Supermarkets
3)stock car racer shops*
*carry pure methanol by the gallon approx $4 per gallon